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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Gift With Options Attached

Inevitably, you'll have people on your gift list that you just can't shop for. It may be a babysitter, your son's tutor, your daughter's nursery school teacher or your adult children. If that's the case, then consider giving a giftcard. There are several kinds of giftcards you can choose from. If you know that the recipient loves to shop in a certain store, then you certainly can go there and purchase a giftcard directly or, in most cases, you can order them online. Many times, you may not know where this person likes to shop, so now you can buy a Visa giftcard with a set amount which can be used anywhere. Often times, shopping malls, like Simon, offer their own Visa giftcards which can be used at any store in their malls. The drawback here is that it can only be used at their malls and they usually will charge you a surcharge when you purchase it. There are also giftcards for services that are offered at movie theatres and local theatres that produce plays, video stores, restaurants, beauty and nail salons. The fact is, most retailers offer giftcards as an easy alternative for gift giving. I often purcahse giftcards year round for supermarkets and my favorite beauty store,
Ulta which I use for myself or tuck away for last minutes gifts. There are drawbacks though for giftcards. The first is the expiration date. Try to get cards that don't have an expiration date or ask if the cards will be honored after the date expires or if there is a surchage if the card is used after expiration. The other drawback is giftcard theft. Of course, this comes with the territory if you using the internet. For more information about giftcard theft, click Phishy Pedia Guide and for information about Link and Blog, click here .


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