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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Holiday Damage Control

Brace yourselves! Everyone is in holiday mode and the non-stop eating is just beginning. The average person will probably gain at least a pound or two and, for some, even more, between now and New Year's Day. Don't put off your resolutions until then. Start now by doing some damage control. Here's a brief summary of what food and drink you should avoid and what you can substitute instead. Let's start with cocktails. Stay away from the eggnog which, according to Weight Watchers, has an 8 point value. Instead opt for a glass of champagne for 2 points or a 12 ounce glass of light beer for the same amount of points. If you need to have a cocktail, go with a Cosmopolitan for only 4 points. Limit yourself to one and spend the rest of the night and points on food. If you're thirsty, have a glass of club soda with a twist of lime for zero points. When it comes to dips, stay away from the sour cream and onion, which has a 4 point value and go for the thousand island dressing for 1 point or, tastier still, the gaucamole for only 2 points. As always, candy, cakes and cookies will be within reach everywhere you turn. The one with the lowest point value will be the gingerbread cookies with a point value of 4 for two cookies. Pecan pie has a 12 point value for one slice so avoid it. If you must have pie, then stick with pumpkin which has a value of 8 points per slice. The most important thing is to do everything in moderation when it comes to eating and drinking. Use smaller plates when you attend parties to prevent you from overeating. If you think you'll be starving by the time you get to a party, eat a small, light meal at home first. Don't deprive yourself completely. Pick one or two splurge items and fill up on fresh veggies and fruit and don't forget to dance. This way you can burn all those calories you consume. Most of all, just have some fun this holiday season. For more information about these tips and much more, visit
Weight Watchers .


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