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Monday, April 09, 2007

The Real Value Of A Dollar

Doesn't it seem like we are paying more for things these days even though our paycheck remains the same? Take gasoline for instance. Gasoline cost half of what we pay today only a few years ago. Now, we are paying almost three dollars a gallon. The same goes for anything else that we buy in the store like food and clothing. The fact of the matter is though, that these things have really not gone up in value, but rather the value of paper money has decreased. Any savvy investor knows that diversifying investments is the only way to really make the most of your money. One great investment that you may have overlooks is gold investing. In fact, investing in either gold, silver or platinum bullion or bullion coins is a great way to maximize your paper money. These precious medals have steadily increased in value over the years so they make a very good and sound investment in the long haul. You have to spend your paper money any way on necessities like food, clothing and gasoline so it is very wise to invest wisely to make sure you always have the security you deserve.


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