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Friday, May 11, 2007

Pay Per Post

I'm still fairly new to Pay Per Post, but I have lots of friends who make money blogging with this website. In fact, some like Pay Per Post so much, that they have given up on all the other pay to post websites. What they like about Pay Per Post is that there are always a continuous variety blogging opportuntities on any given day. Also, you can submit more than one blog to Pay Per Post so you can really maximize your earning potential this way. I read in one e-mail from Pay Per Post, that one of their bloggers earned $10,000 last year just from Pay Per Post. Of course, earning that much money would take a lot of work and dedication on a daily basis, but the point is, the earning potential is there. There are lots of other pay to post websites out there. I can tell you from first-hand experience, in the beginning they are great, but once word gets out that there's a website that will pay you to post, everyone joins, and the website becomes so inundated with blogs that the offers become few and far between. Those websites may only have five or six opportunities available per advertiser, while Pay Per Post has many more to go around giving all their members equal opportunity. Also, when you are looking at the various blogging opportunities, you can view only qualified opportunties so you know which ones are right just for you. The directions are easy to follow. You will receive payment for all you accepted posts once a month. True, other websites pay immediately, but if you are willing to wait for your payment, you certainly can make a nice amount of money in that thirty day period.


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