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Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Shoes You Love To Hate

Crocs have been around for a few years, but they mostly could be found on the feet of three and four year olds at the beach or playground. They were colorful and one woman even invented little decorative plugs for the holes. She was featured on Oprah because she became very rich from those little plugs. Now, truth be told, those shoes are too cute on two year olds, but not on forty-two year olds. In fact, unless you are wearing them to do your gardening or trudging through the sand on your way to your beach blanket, you shouldn't be caught dead in them. They are beyond ugly and are in no way a fashion statement, but what do I know? I hated Uggs when they first came out and sure enough, they grew on me. Nevertheless, there is one lady that hates crocs more than I do. So much so that she started her own blog and dedicated it to how much she hates Crocs. You can read all about it at I Hate Crocs.


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