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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Death Of Hope

I never blog about world events or politics. This is a beauty/celebrity watch blog that is meant to serve as an escape from our own lives, which at times can be quite boring. However, I could not miss a chance to post about a woman who was not only a great international beauty, but also the voice of hope for the country she loved so dearly, that she would put her own life in danger to restore democracy at any cost, including her own life. Unfortunately, for Benazir Bhutto, the gamble was far too great, and she was assasinated today after she spoke at an outdoor rally in Pakistan. She always knew her life was in great danger. Afterall, her father and brothers all lost their own lives to further what seems like a lost cause in that part of the country. However, she died amongst the people she loved rather than hide in exile as she had been for the last eight years, until October of this year. Her death is a personal loss not only to her country, but to all countries who love equality and democracy. Her presence will be missed, but I hope her spirit lives on to fulfill her dream.


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