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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Quantum Wellness

When I first heard Oprah was going to attempt a 21 day detox diet, I felt compelled to feel very smug. To me, this was just another one of her attempts to lose some weight in a hurry for summer. I also thought it was ridiculous that anyone could live on a plant-based diet for 21 days without climbing the walls; I've changed my mind. So what changed for me? I was channel surfing the other day and caught author, Kathy Freston, on Ellen's talk show. Kathy is the creator and author of "Quantum Wellness". I expected to hear some flaky nonsense about how we all must be one with the earth, but she was about as down to earth as my next-door neighbor. In fact, she herself admitted that it took a very long time to make the change over to a completely plant-based diet and it happened in very small steps. I was so impressed with what she had to say that she inspired me to carefully choose my own food choices throughout the day. I find myself now choosing a piece of fruit or some fresh veggies over chocolate chip cookies. I not only feel healthier, but more empowered. Kathy's best-selling book, is available at all book stores now.


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