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Friday, October 03, 2008

Caribou Barbie

So Sarah Palin had her first and only Vice-Presidential debate last night. The pundits weighed in after, of course, and she scored high. However, considering expectations were so low, I do get the impression that they cut her slack in a rather sexist way. She isn't running for PTA president afterall, but if elected, will be the heartbeat away from a man who is in his 70s and has had several bouts of skin cancer already. Now, if I were scoring Sarah agains other PTA moms, then yes, she got high scores for memorizing her well-rehearsed script and she got to use big words occasionally, but she is not fit to run for such high office. We don't need a soccer mom, a hockey mom or a pitbull with lipstick to lead the legislative branch of our government. We do however, need a man like Joe Biden who can knock back a six-pack probably better than Sarah and can properly pronounce the word nuclear. This is a man who completely understands foreign policy, the Bush doctrine and who can clearly and concisely list the agenda outlined by Barack Obama, should he hopefully be elected to the Presidency.


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