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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Now What????

Are you wondering what to do now that your skin is nice and clean and exfoliated? You're not alone! There are so many products on the market that claim to do miracles for erasing wrinkles and firming skin that you could go crazy running from store to store, spending hundreds of dollars.
There's no need to do that! Most people need to understand that most if not all products will not erase wrinkles or firm skin entirely. You need a plastic surgeon for that with a good dose of Botox. If you're not willing to go that route, then just keep reading here. There are three areas of concern that need constant care 1) Eye area, 2) neck area 3) the rest of the face (cheeks, nose, chin, forehead). Let's start the number three first.
You don't have to spend a ton of money to get results. You can start at the drugstore and get what you need there for less money than you think.
My favorite products right now are made by Oil Of Olay. They have several lines, but my favorite is the Regenerist Line. Bottom line, these products contain the very same ingredients found in another skin care product that is selling for well over $100. You will easily spend under $50 to get all the products in this line which will take care of all your needs. They have a wonderful serum which I would definitely invest in, a day cream with SPF protection (an absolute must if you want to stop your skin from aging too fast) and a night cream. Look for a try-me kit they make with all three products, which generally sells for under $20. Use these products as directed and I promise you will not be disappointed with the results. I will be mentioning other products in the coming weeks, but this is a very good place to start. As for the eyes and the neck, just remember that there are no oil glands in these areas. As a result, you need a special cream. Here's a good trick, get an eye cream or serum (serums can penetrate a bit deeper than a cream) and use the very same product on your neck. Treating these areas is an absolute must as these are two of the three areas that will show your age first (the third being your hands). Use your products under your make-up in the morning and before you go to bed at night. Consistency is the key!


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