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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day so I will only post about this today. Yes, we will be celebrating today after my husband come's limping home from his morning softball game. I'm sure he'll be happy to spend it doing something that he wants to do instead of unselfishly giving up an afternoon to play taxi driver for our two kids. I'm also sure that he will be thinking of his own dad and I will mine, both of whom are deceased. My own dad died when I was still a teenager. He was an eclectic guy who was the first metro-sexual I ever met, meaning that he'd rather be shopping for clothes than watching a football game or working on his car. He was a funny guy who would always end every telephone conversation with "don't take any wooden nickels kid" like some character from an old black and white movie. He's also the only person I ever met who never forgot the punchline of a joke.....I didn't inherit that gene. As funny as he was, he was just as intense (a typical gemini you might say). He was a hard worker who worked during the week as an advertising executive and on the weekends he worked at the Manhattan offices of MGM (yes, they used to have some business offices here in New York). He worked on all the press books that were sent out to movie theatres. We got the neatest things like every soundtrack album to every musical made by MGM, posters and a hologram from "2001, A Space Odessy", which I still have. My dad was an artist and a musician. There was always music playing in our house and I was encouraged to try anything musical and/or artistic. Today, I'll think of him and hope that he somehow knows that I turned out okay and that his grandson, who will going off to college in the not-too-distant future, still picks up his grandfather's guitar every once in a while and plays.......and when he does, I can see my dad smile!


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