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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Get Paid To Post - The How And Why

When I first began my blog back in December of 2005, I never thought I would ever be involved in any site that would pay me to post. I didn't even know anything like that existed and believed that any money I made would come from click or affiliate ads. That seemed like a lifetime ago since I have learned so much about making money from blogging. True enough, there are bloggers who make six figures from their ads, but they are in the minority. Most bloggers don't make much at all from their ads and have to wait months to cash out. Then I discovered a site that promised to pay me if I included certain link in my post. I could write whatever I wanted, as long as I included the link. Later, they revised their qualifications to include a short reference to a web release, but still I was able to write anything I wanted. I not only have made money (three figures so far), but I became challenged as to build a post around that particular link. That site is known as Blogitive and I look forward every week to receiving offers from them. They pay in a timely manner and provide me with food for thought about my posts as well as a second income for me. Another site I signed up with is Blogging Ads, which is even easier, as they provide the option to write my own post using a link, or pick a choice of three ads, already written, to include in my blog, for which they pay me automatically once it is approved. It's true that I do have to wait for approval, but I've never had a problem getting my posts approved or receiving payment for them. I don't ever feel, at any time, I've compromised myself as a blogger by doing this. I know what my limits are and I wouldn't blog about a product I've never used, nor would I write something positive about a product that I used, but didn't really like. In that case, I would be selling out, but thankfully I've never had to deal with that issue and hope I never do.


At 9/02/2006 5:16 AM, Blogger Frugal Work at home mom said...

Thank you for participating in this week's Wahm Bloggers Network QOTW Do you participate in getting paid to post blogging?

WAHM reveal thoughts on getting paid to post.


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