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Thursday, November 09, 2006


Suzanne Somers is back with yet another best-selling book for both women and men called 'Ageless'. You can see Suzanne making the rounds and talking about all the research she has done on bio-identical hormones. These hormones can only be prescribed by a physician who specializes in natural therapies and there are pharmacies that will make up the exact compound of bio-identical hormones that are just right for you based on testing done by the physician. Suzanne has been taking bio-identical hormones for many years (and so does her husband Alan). She is 60 and he is ten years older than her (you do the math). They live very full and busy lives and there's no argument that she looks amazing for her age, although I'm sure she has had some help along the way from Botox (which she doesn't deny having had). She makes a very intelligent case for bio-identical hormones, but there is still not enough information regarding the impact of taking them for long periods of time. Even Dr. Andrew Weil, the most popular physician who practices natural medicine, says that it's something that should be used in moderation for women in particular who suffer from the symptoms of menopause. I do, however, agree that there are many changes in lifestyle that can improve the quality of one's life including healthy diet and exercise, which she also says is an important part of staying ageless. She has said in interviews she has no fear of growing older or dying, just not living her life well and she wants to spread the word as much as possible. 'Ageless' is available at bookstores now.


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