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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Biggest Loser Tips

Biggest Loser contestants, Heather Hanson and Kai Hibbard recently told that they have met many challenges while competing in the reality television show. Heather revealed that injuries didn't stop her from working out. She simply rested the injured part and worked other parts until her injury healed. She tells herself that although it may sound cheesy, nothing tastes as good as thin feels. She's not only dropped weight (going from 223 to 182 pounds), but her cholesterol has dropped below 150 and her blood pressure has gone down too. She plans to keep temptation out of reach so she can't easily get to her comfort foods, maintain a food journal to keep track of her eating and plan her workouts around her childrens' schedule, allowing herself only to rest on Sundays. She also wants to get her family involved in exercise by taking walks, and biking. Kai Hibbard also has gone from 262 to 208 pounds in seven weeks. To keep from plateauing, she knows she needs to keep changing her exercise routine so her body doesn't become complacent in burning calories. Kai plans on traveling from Alaska to Maine to begin law school. She and her dad will be driving there and she wants to make frequent stops so she can fit in some exercise along the way and stick to chain restaurants that offer healthy alternatives to burgers and fries. Her tips include doing lunges and squats to burn lots of calories; remembering how remorseful she would feel indulging in an ice cream sundae; using clothing as a motivator to keep losing; asking her family to keep supporting her; and never put off until tomorrow, what she should do today.


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