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Monday, November 13, 2006

The Ever Popular Uggs

If you walk through Nordstrom's shoe department around this time of year and try to get near the Uggs display, you'll have to take a number and wait in line. Uggs, which took this country by storm a few years back, is still as popular today as when they could first be found on the feet of young, hip celebrities from L.A. to Aspen. Finding them though is quite another story. Nordstroms was completely out of the mid-size boot in any color they carry, except on the sale rack where they had them in blue or pick in a size 12 (but, they were 1/2 price at $59.00). Both my kids have their heart set on getting them for the holidays and once again, I will rely on the internet to save the day and save me some money. Shop carefully if you plan on getting them on Ebay. The prices for Uggs there were no bargain and sellers will tacking on an additional $15 just for shipping. Look for free shipping where available on any style or price. A great website for Uggs is . I found exactly what I was looking for and they do have free shipping. Also, their prices are the best I could find for what I need. Again, shop and compare both prices and shipping fees. If you've never worn Uggs before, make sure you leave your socks in the sock drawer. Uggs are best worn and most comfortable when barefooted. When worn with socks, they tend to pull the socks off your feet through the day. Once you've worn them without socks, you'll want them on your feet all day long. They are that comfortable. This is not only fashion-forward footwear, but they are very practical as they will keep your feet toasty warm all winter long.


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