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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

To Forgive, Forget And Give Thanks

This has been a tough week for some of television's most recognizable celebrities. First, there was Michael Richards a/k/a Kramer from the long-running 'Seinfeld' series. His racist remarks during a rant at a local comedy club are still the topic of discussions and jokes on late-night television. It's time to cut this guy a break and forgive him for his mistake. He's only human! The same should go to Kelly Ripa. She may have crossed the line with Clay, but again, she just over-reacted. She's no more homophobic than her judge and jury, Rosie O'Donnell. She was probably thinking more along the lines of her and her childrens' health being compromised after Clay's hand touched her nose and mouth. Surely, any mother can understand that.......except Rosie, but she's forgiven too. Afterall, Thanksgiving is just hours away and while we are all slaving over a hot stove, we should stop and count all our blessings and, most of all, forgive.


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