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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Jamie Lee Curtis, A True Beauty

Back in September of this year, Jamie Lee Curtis did another interview with More Magazine. She was talking about her seventh book called 'Is There Really A Human Race?'. This is not the first interview Jamie has done for 'More'. She did one back in 2002 whereby she posed "as is", sans make-up and anything else to promote the fantasy she has been the subect of for so many years. Her body is still the talk of women who applauded her for being so bold as to show herself as she really is. In fact, the article was re-printed for a college textbook called 'The Meanings of Dress'. Jamie has become a symbol of a woman who is truly comfortable in her own skin. She wears little make-up and her no-nonsense, short hair is slowly turning a beautiful silver-gray. Besides writing books (mostly for children), she is a stay-at-home mom to her 10 year-old son, Tommy. Tommy is a child with various learning differences who attends a special school. Her oldest daughter is away at college now, and while she still gets offers of movie roles, she much prefers making the choice to be home for her son and her husband of 22 years, Christopher Guest. She admits that although she does yoga, pilates, exercise and eats healthy, her body is what it is and she makes no apologies about it. Jamie plans on continuiing to advocate for her son Tommy and write books that deal with childrens' self esteem issues. She recited a great line from her latest book..."Sometimes it's better not to go fast. There are wonderful sights to be seen when you're last"!


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