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Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Wedding Guest That Isn't

Is there anyone who isn't invited to the over-the-top wedding planned to be held on the 18th for Tom and Katie? Let's see, there's Jennifer Lopez and husband, Marc Anthony; Jim Carrey and girlfriend Jenny McCarthy; Will Smith and Jada Pinket Smith; Jenna Elfman and other assorted Scientologists and even Brooke Shields, who is only an acquaintance of Tom's. So who isn't on the list??? Why Oprah, that's who. So if Tom and Katie invited everyone they ever have met, then why wasn't Oprah invited? When asked about it, Oprah said that she thinks there are just so many people you can invite to a wedding and that she doesn't always invite everyone to her affairs either (very diplomatic of her). The truth is probably that Tom has wisely decided (probably along with his new PR people) to separate himself from that awful couch-jumping moment that became the punchline for every stand-up comedian and talk show host. However, I'm sure if Oprah really wanted to be there she could always do another road trip in Italy with her best galpal, Gayle, and do their wedding crashers thing again.


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