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Monday, November 13, 2006

A Flawless Face With A Pricetag To Match

Acquiring a flawless look comes with a pricetag. Short of plastic surgery and anything that you can inject into your face, finding great make-up has proven to be an expensive and often-times frustrating quest. For instance, there is a new product from that oh-so-hot cosmetic company, SKII. So hot, in fact that there is said to be a waiting list to buy this stuff. What is it? It is called Air Touch Foundation. The make-up is applied via a unique, battery-operated ionizer that disperses a think veil of foundation over the skin. Superstar make-up artist, Pat McGrath has been using it on her celebrity clients and she says the application is flawless, but natural. A starter set selss for $150 and the refills are $80, at select Saks Fifth Avenue stores. Another popular item for that flawless face is Yves St. Laurent's new Perfect Touch foundation, which is modeled after their very popular Touche Eclat concealer. Make-up artists prefer to apply foundation with a brush for an even and flawless look. This product has the brush built right into it. It is available for $50 at a number of department stores. What would a flawless face be without a good concealer? Prescriptives has added concealer to their list of products which can be custom blended for $32 at major department stores. For a less expensive, custom concealer, look for Cover Duet Custom Corrector with two shades of concealer (one pink-based and the other yellow-based) from Dermablend. The product sells for $21.50 and can be found at either , or Ulta . The important thing to remember about these new products is that if they are successful, look for the less expensive, drug-store brands to copy them in the near future for less money.


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