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Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Healthier Smile In The New Year

Lots of people will make resolutions this coming weekend to improve their lives in many ways, but how many people resolve to have a healthier smile? Besides the fact that an unhealthy mouth can lead to many other health problems, an unhealthy smile can add years to your face and make you look older than you really are. Today, most people over the age of 40 are concerned with aging well and it has to begin with your dental care. Probably many of you don't even have a regular dentist and wouldn't know where to begin looking for one. Try to find someone in your area that is reputable and within a reasonable distance from your home because if you have to travel to great lengths to get there, you probably won't go. If you live in the area of Alexandria, Virginia, you can go visit Charles Brown dds pc who is part of the staff of Hayfield Dental Care. He has been at this dental practice for over ten years and is capable of performing a wide range of dental and surgical procedures to help you in your quest for a healthier smile. When he attended dental school, he was awarded the distinction of being ranked first in his class and has zero complaints since the beginning of his dental career. In fact, all of the dentists at Hayfield Dental Care have received advanced or special training which means most procedures can be performed right in their offices without having to be referred to another dental specialist. When you are looking for a dentist, these are just the kinds of things you want to keep in mind to make your journey to a healthier smile that much easier on you. When you are done, you have the satisfaction of knowing you have a healthy mouth and a beautiful new smile!


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