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Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Bad Year For Britney

I don't think even Rosie O'Donnell is having as much bad publicity as Britney Spears. She's been voted the worst pet owner, worst celebrity of 2006 and most annoying celebrity in a list of 50. I can understand when Paris or Nicole continue to exercise poor judgment in these areas; afterall, they still get their name in the news and in the overall scheme of things, isn't that the most important thing to a celebrity? I don't know how Britney fits this mold seeing she is going to have to fight for custody of her children with a man now known as 'Fed Ex'. Can she still be considered a role model? Yes, inasmuch as she can be held up to young girls as an example of what not to do (don't get married too young, don't have kids right away and don't go out of the house without your tidy whities). As for Rosie, I am totally convinced after this last attack on Donald Trump, that 'The View' is behind her all the way. Her rants are causing a sharp rise in viewers and they (including Barbara herself) are loving the attention as negative as it has been and isn't that all that matters in the end. I'm not saying Donald Trump isn't just as guilty. 'The Apprentice' is about to begin it's latest season and he has found a platform (Tara Connor/Miss USA) to stoke his PR machine. From a cultural standpoint, this stuff makes me cringe, but the entertainment value is priceless.


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