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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Working Out With Wii

Is your boyfriend a couch potato who plays endless video games while munching on bag after bag of chips? Would your kids rather sit in front of the TV with their video games than go outside and play ball? If this is the case, then worry no more. Nintendo has it covered with their latest game system, Wii, which includes inter-active games that require the participant to get up and move. Wii, which arrived in stores in November of last year, is probably cheaper than most gym memberships for one person, let alone a whole family. At around $250, everyone can participate in their favorite sport like boxing, golf, tennis and bowling in a way that is not only fun, but which can burn calories. People have reportedly been working up a sweat and actually losing weight by using this game system with the inter-active games. Best of all, the Wii games are brining families together for some old-fashioned game nights. Reportedly, Nintendo is planning on continuing the trend with a fitness pack which will have various work-out programs including pilates and yoga. For more information about how you can maximize your Wii experience, go to


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