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Friday, May 11, 2007

Is Pardoning Paris Really Warranted?

By now, everyone knows that Paris Hilton will be going to jail for forty-five days beginning in June. Of course, Paris is upset. Who wouldn't be? However, Paris Hilton was caught driving under the influence on more than one occasion. She was given very clear orders on what she needed to do during her probation period and she followed none of those directions. Her attempts to blame her advisors fell on deaf ears in the courtroom and Judge Sauer imposed the jail sentence. If the media coverage wasn't enough, now a petition has been submitted to Governor Schwartzenager to pardon Paris because her fans would miss her since she brings so much entertainment and glamour into their lives. There is actually a small chance that he might grant it since the Hiltons were allegedly heavy campaign contributors. With all that is going on in the world, how does this stuff become headline news? If Paris really believes, as she has stated, that she is not above the law, then she should do the time. Afterall, it's smacks of a brand new reality show for her......Paris Hilton, starring in "The Criminal Life".


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