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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Is The Magic Gone For Criss?

Criss Angel is firing back at his estranged wife, Joanne Sarantankos, whom he has been married to for the last five years of their fifteen year relationship. She filed for divorce over a year ago, but recently and allegedly claims that Criss is not only financially neglecting her, but has also been allegedly carrying on an affair with actress, Cameron Diaz. Criss admits to a friendship with this actress, but that's all. He further alleges that he never tried to cover up his marriage to fans to make him appear more accessible to his overwhelming female followers, but on one episode of his 'Mindfreak' series, he introduces Joanne as his fiance, not his wife, so one has to wonder if maybe there isn't a grain of truth to her allegations that their marriage was to be kept a secret to the public. In any event, Criss will appear on Larry King tonight to tell his side of the story. I almost wish he wouldn't. I wish people would take Paul McCartney's example. When Paul was interviewed recently on Larry King, he flat out refused to answer any questions other than to say he was doing just fine. Personal problems should be just that...personal, then maybe they will disappear a lot sooner.


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