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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Why I Love The Police

If you love the band, The Police, then you must be very happy to know that they are on tour this summer. They are probably coming to a town near you so be on the look-out for The Police and the great hits that they will be playing during their concert. What if you can't get tickets though? They not easy to come by and you may have to give up a more than a few lattes to pay for those tickets. If you are fan like me and can't get those much sought after tickets, don't despair. The brand new Police Cd is now available. What is it? It's a two-cd set that contains all the great hits from The Police which you can blast any time of the day or night and pretend that you are sitting front row, center at one of their concerts.
Please click on this awesome banner where you can watch The Police's videos, listen to tracks from The Police's new 2 cd hits collection, enter to win a trip to NYC to see The Police in concert and even view details about their current world tour. When you click on the eye wonder banner, you will see that it contains all of the following features: Cool videos of The Police, the track listing for the brand new, two-disc set with all twenty-eight tracks and a cool jukebox, information about their current tour, a place to enter a great contest to win tickets to see the Police, ringtones for your cell phone. You can even send it to all your close friends so they can view it too!
How come I know so much about the brand, new two-CD set from The Police? Because I already own it and I can tell you that it is a must-have for any collector and makes a great graduation gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift or just something wonderful to make you feel really good. I gave a set to my husband for Father's Day and he listens to it in his car which puts him in a really good mood and that works for me! Best of all, you get a great vintage poster two which is suitable for framing and a collector's dream!
Maybe you are new to The Police although I can't imagine no one not knowing the words to "Roxanne", but if that's the case, and you are a music lover, then you have to have this collection just so you can hear what you've been missing all these years. If you know the music from Sting, but not his early work, then you need to hear his roots. Music makes a great gift because it's one that consistenly brings joy and happiness to a peron's life and this is one collection that I guarantee will do that for you or someone you love!


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