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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Silence Is Golden

Silence is golden and nothing could be more true with regard to Paris Hilton. Tonight she will give a free interview with Larry King. I stress that it is free as she was formerly offered up to a million dollars for an interview, but her public relations team interceded and said that this would be a huge mistake on her part. What they also should have told her was to lay low for more than just a while. Her actions should speak louder than whatever words will come out of her mouth. When she quits partying, adopts a kid from a third world country and/or starts a halfway house for women released from prison, then I will listen to Paris......Elizabeth Edwards should have stayed silent about Ann Coulter. We all know Ann is a loose cannon and she should always be completely ignored. To point out her moronic statements only draws her more attention and gives her further license to open up her piehole.......Rosie O'Donnell is never silent even though she no longer has a television show. She is still using her blog to make a statement through silly and poorly written haikus and photos of her daughter dressed like a member of the Taliban. Even though Rosie claims that her daughter was just "playing dress-up", it is highly unlikely that she would allow such things in her home considering that she is so anti-gun. It's more likely that she is making yet another anti-war statement, but very badly. Thankfully, she has put herself out of the running for the The Price Is Right. It is more likely though that she was put out of the running by the powers that be. By the way, this is not the most googled game show; it's Wheel of Fortune.


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