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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dentemp To The Rescue

There's nothing more precious than a beautiful, healthy smile, but who hasn't suffered from dental problems over the years that required any number of procedures? I, for one, have had many root canals, some of which required the tooth to be capped. Unfortunately, while undergoing a root canal, which can often take up to several visits to complete, a temporary cap must be worn so the dentist can easily access the affected tooth during dental visits. There was a time when I had a prominent front tooth being worked on. I was given a temporary cap to wear in between visits, which was temporarily cemented. However, anyone who has gone to a dentist knows that there are times when weeks go by in between visits. The cement is not made to last that long and as such, I would lose my temporary cap in the most embarrassing places like dining out or just in the middle of a conversation with someone. I would have to excuse myself so I could discreetly try to replace the cap, often with no success. Now there is a wonderful product that could have solved that problem easily called Dentemp OS. Dentemp OS is wonderful for any temporary dental repair. This safe and effective product can help relieve any pain or distress temporarily, is easy and ready to use right out of the vial and you can eat a meal only thirty minutes after apply Dentemp OS to the affected tooth. Most importantly, Dentemp OS complies with all FDA regulations pertaining oral care products. I only wished I could have had Dentemp OS when I lost my temporary cap. It would have saved me lots of embarrassment in social situations and I could have enjoyed a meal rather than worrying about losing my cap. This product couldn't be any easier to use. It comes in a resealable vial so that it always stays fresh and is ready to use whenever you have a dental emergency that can't be immediately met by a dentist. Make sure to keep it on hand just for such dental emergencies.


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