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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Real Housewives, Real Disturbing

Bravo's 'The Real Housewives of Orange County' was a huge hit for the channel; so much so that the next in the series features a group of housewives from the most expensive city in the universe, New York City. This group of socialites makes those Orange County housewives look like poor slobs. These women, most of whom occupy multi-million dollar, multi-level penthouses in the winter and summer in their Hampton's mansions. They spend their days arranging their very important social calendars...opera openings, fund raising events, tennis parties and just about anything else most people can't relate to, although 'The Daily News' recently reported that most of these women barely ever made the society or gossip pages. The only interesting member of this group worth watching is Bethenny Frankel, who was a runnerup on the now defunct 'The Apprentice: Martha Stewart'. She also coins herself the runaway bride, having escaped several serious relationships over the years. Her attempts to get her current beau to commit to a live-in situation may be the only interesting focal point for this reality show. The most annoying member of this group is Alex McCord. She is also the only member who technically does not live in NYC. In fact, her and her husband opted to purchase a townhouse in Brooklyn. The first episode introduces all the housewives, which include an actual countess, along with their husbands, children, servants, dogs and tennis pros, but will viewers watch? Only time will tell, but my guess is these NYC housewives will only be able to squeeze one season out of their social calendars.


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