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Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Art Of Saying Thanks

There's nothing more gracious than saying thanks to someone. The time that it takes to choose a special card and write a personal note goes a very long way in cementing long-term relationships with friend, loved ones and business associates. There are many ways to say thanks and your special card should reflect your own personality like the card I've chosen here. In this day and age of internet exchange, there's something very magical about receiving a thank you card in the mail, hand written by a friend or loved one. People often associate thank you cards with weddings, but thank you cards are perfect for just about any occasion or just when you believe someone in your life deserves a thanks. As a real estate agent, I often write personal thank you notes just because someone took the time to meet with me, even if they don't sign with me. In the future, they will remember that I took the time to think of them and that can make all the difference between getting a listing or not. In my personal life, I often thank my children's teachers for their hard work. I have found that it is much more effective than buying a gift that might go unused. I have also used thank you cards whenever a friend has given me a shoulder to cry on or just lent an ear. Also, children are never too young to learn how to write thank you cards. A simple note that is personalized with the person's name and that special gift is all it takes to say thanks. Thank you Cards are also a great way to cement a budding relationship. If you had a great first date with a special someone, send them a thank you card letting them know what a great time you had and how much you would love to get the chance to return the favor. It not only shows you have great manners, but also is a good way to get that second date. If you had a great job interview and want to leave a lasting impression, then definitely send a personal thank you letting a prospective employer know that you enjoyed meeting them and that you are definitely interested in the job! That one act of thoughtfulness can end up changing your life. If you really are at a loss for words when you write out your thank you card, don't over-think it. Sometimes just saying "thanks" is enough to get across your appreciation.


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