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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Cemented On The D List

Kathy Griffin has gained lots of attention from her Bravo reality show "My Life on the D List". In fact, she even garnered the much-coveted Emmy Award. The show began as a chronicle of her professional life as well as her personal life with her family and her then husband/manager Matt. Three years later, we are still watching Kathy as she tries desperately to get off the D list. If her show is any indication of reality, then she's not getting off that list any time soon. What started out as a nice balance between her hard-working approach to career (she even performed in Iraq) has turned into a three-ring, or should I say four-ring circus (her and her three personal assistants). I was a big fan early on, but now I'm not so sure how I should feel about Kathy. We rarely see her mom this season and the only other indication that she may actually have a personal life is when she drags on her "boyfriend", billionare Steve Wozniak and that's not saying much. I still think Kathy is great! I just wish I could see a little bit more of the real Kathy every once in a while. It is a reality show afterall.


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