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Thursday, October 16, 2008


There are lots of things I could blog about, Madonna's divorce being just one of many, but since I am shying away from mindless gossip, I've chosen instead to shed a light on a woman who was one of the first to crack the glass ceiling. In fact, without Gloria Steinam, there may have never been a Hilary Clinton or a Sarah Palin for that matter. She has been an advocate, an activist, an author and the founder of Ms. Magazine, the first magazine dedicated to working women. At seventy-four, she really looks very much like she did those many years ago when, as a journalist, she went under cover as a bunny at the Playboy club. She was going to write an expose about the experience, and she did, but the Playboy club loved her so much that they asked her to work on and off long after she needed to. She never bore children, but believe me, she validates women who choose to stay home to raise their children as much as those who choose life as a career woman. She married late in life in her early sixties, but her beloved husband passed away not long after their marriage. Now she is being honored as just one of the recipients of the coveted Minverva Awards to be presented on October 22nd. These awards are given to women who truly dared to be true to themselves and, in return, served as role models for so many women who came after them. You can read more about the Minerva Awards at Oprah.


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