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Friday, January 30, 2009

Oprah's Seal Of Approval

Whenever Oprah comes across something that works for her, she doesn't keep it a secret. Viewers have come to respect her, so when Oprah found relief for her menopausal symptoms from bioidentical hormones, she did not one, but three shows dedicated to finding relief through "natural" hormones derived from plant extracts. Of course, most women know that the queen of bioidentical hormones is Suzanne Somers. No one could have stifled her, including the many physicians who warn women of the dangers of these unregulated hormones. However, for once Suzanne's diligence has paid off. Doctors eventually began listening to women and the use of bioidentical hormones have become more mainstream. The only problem is that Suzanne comes across as a bit of a kook with the over fifty vitamins and supplements she takes daily, including three different kinds of hormones. She claims that she has no intention of fading into old age, but comes off like she is clinging to youth with her fingernails. The fact is that women should have honest communication with their physicians about relieving menopausal symptoms. If any kind of hormone treatment is warranted, it should be the least amount for the shortest period of time. Anything other than that has not been documented to prolong life and there is no indication that it is safe to use indefinitely.


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