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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hair Raising

My first day at work (unofficially since I am still in training) was hair raising. So much information to absorb in such little time, but it leads me back to this blog, which is primarily about looking and feeling your very best, especially when it comes to your hair. Hair can take a real beating all year round. In the summer we have to contend with the constant exposure to the sun, chlorine and salt water. In the winter we have to deal with the dry cold air and the dry indoor heat. First and foremost, I think having a humidifier at home is not only great for your health, but for your hair, nails and skin. Adding more moisture to the air with a humidifier is just one way to replenish moisture. Always drink plenty of water too. As for special care in the winter for your hair, try deep conditioning once or twice a week with just a couple of teaspoons of oil. I know I've mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. Massage in to hair prior to shampooing and conditioning for twenty minutes. You don't need to heat the oil. Just wrap a towel around your head and then shampoo and condition twenty minutes later. Also, try not to wash your hair every day. Most people really don't need to shampoo daily. Every other day is enough. Try to forego the blow dryer and/or flat iron every once and awhile and if you do use these products, try to find a hair product made especially for use with these products. VO5 has a fairly new line of products (look for the red bottles) that work very well, and are very inexpensive. Try not to over brush your hair. That theory of brushing your hair a hundred strokes every night is a fallacy. Too much brushing can easily break or damage ends as much as over using heated styling tools. Also, try to use a finishing product (not a gel) that has some silicone in it to help smooth little fly away hairs and give your hair a nice healthy shine. I've used many of these shine products and my favorite is still John Frieda's Frizzeze, which is probably one of the original shine products. All you need is a couple of drops. I will touch back later!


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