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Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Last Word In Skincare

So what do the most cutting edge skincare products contain that others don't? It's peptides! Everything from Strivectin-D, Victoria Principal's Reclaim and Oil Of Olay's Reginerist line contain this one component (or several different versions of this component). Peptides are supposed to actually help the skin rebuild collagen (the one ingredient that helps keeps our skin firm and relatively wrinkle free). Although some experts still believe that anything containing glycolic acid is really the most reliable in anti-aging ingredients, peptides are fast replacing that. First of all, it has proven to work and is not at all harsh for most skin types as compared to glycolic acid which can burn skin. The best products with the cheapest price points are those in the Oil of Olay Regenerist line. They are the easiest to find (look in any discount chain store) and you can get a travel size kit containing the serum, the day cream (with an SPF15) and the night cream, for under $17 in most stores. Strivectin-D on the other hand is still selling for well over a $100 for a tube and they have slowly added other components to their line such as an eye treatment and serum. All are very pricey and not any better than the Oil of Olay line which has a better delivery system, doesn't have any weird odor (like Strivectin) and is much less money (the best part). There is no magic bullet in skincare, but if you eat properly, don't smoke, exercise and have a daily skincare routine, then you have the best defense against aging skin.


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