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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Earning Money From Blogging

I've written on this topic before for you, but it cannot be stressed enough that there are ways to earn money from your blog. One way that is becoming increasingly popular, is to post about or for an advertiser. Companies are beginning to see a great deal of validity in paying bloggers to write a post either about their company or, write a post that isn't necessarily about the company, but has the company's name appear in the post. You can make anywhere from a few dollars up to around $20 for this type of posting and you can be paid either immediately or wait up to 30 days depending on the site that will be compensating you. One thing you must do for any of these sites is open up a Pay Pal account so you can easily be paid for the posts you write for these advertisers. The other thing you also must do is read each site's guidelines carefully so that when you submit your post for review, it will be accepted without revisions having to be made. Some of the sites that are paying bloggers to post are Blogitive , Blogging Ads , Blogvertise , Pay Per Post , and Creamaid . Again, it's important to read their guidelines carefully in order to gain any success with these sites. Although you can earn a nice second income, I don't believe you can actually survive on the money you make and there's very little consistency with most of these sites, except for Pay Per Post, which seems to consistently have offers for their members. If you enjoy writing and have an expertise in one or more areas, you can try writing posts for Associated Content . As blogging becomes more valid in its popularity, you will begin to see more and more of these sites come about. How successful they will be in the long run though still remains to be seen since all of these sites are still in their infancy.


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