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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Madonna And Oprah

Madonna is set to tape an interview today with Oprah, which will air on Oprah's talk show tomorrow. Apparently, Madonna believes that she personally needs to do some damage control regarding the controversy surrounding the adoption of David, a one and a half year old orphan from Malawi. Technically, however, David is not really an orphan. He has a biological father who is still living. He placed his son in the orphanage because he could not care for him after his wife died shortly after David's birth. Initially, David's father was elated that Madonna was taking David home with her to give him a good home and defended her when special interest groups came in protesting the swiftness of the proceedings. Now, he is claiming that no one explained to him that he would be giving up his parental rights to David. Of course, Madonna is probably very used to drawing negative attention to herself and most of the time, she probably just leaves all of that outside her door, but not this time. As an adoptive parent myself, I'm interested in seeing how this all plays out. Madonna has been a staunch supporter of this small African nation for quite a few years, even setting up a foundation for it. She is overwhelmed by the poverty and, I'm sure, her intentions were only for the greater good. Hopefully, everything will work out because there's nothing more heartbreaking for an adoptive parent to have to surrender their children. If nothing else, the media attention that Malawi has received will hopefully be in their own best interest to raise awareness and, much needed money.


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