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Monday, October 23, 2006

Let Them Wear Fakes!

The very-much talked about Sofia Coppola movie "Marie Antoinette", is about to open to very good reviews thus far. Kirsten Dunst has the honor of portraying Marie, who was shipped office from her native Austria at the age of 14 to marry King Louis XVI. It is said that she was stripped of her clothes at the border and re-dressed in the french style before she was presented to him, much like 'Ambush Makeover'. Legend has it that this little man was so shy that it took them seven years to consummate their marriage, but eventually she bore him four children. Okay, enough with the history lesson. The fact of the matter is that Marie was a fashion icon and a fashion rebel for her time. She wore pants to ride horses astride, not side saddle (gasp!) and she shortened her skirts so that her shoes and even her ankles would show. She was considered a trendsetter for her time and, she is having quite an impact on fashion today as well. Designers are taking a page from her book by introducing very romantic blouses with ruffles as well as velvet jackets. You can pair these with your favorite jeans if you like or a long skirt with boots. Manolo Blahnik created twenty styles of shoes for Coppola's film, and he chose five styles to sell in limited quantity at his boutique in Manhattan. You will also find the impact of this film in make-up and jewelry. Make-up can be done in a paler shades (especially foundation) paired with a tinted blushing gel for cheeks and lips. Wear your favorite pendant on a velvet ribbon instead of a chain for a more romantic and softer look.


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