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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Recipe For Younger-Looking Skin

Forget the facelift! If you follow the world-renowned guru of skincare, Dr. Perricone, you won't need one. His two part-plan for younger-looking skin includes eating a healthy diet of salmon, whole grains, fresh veggies and fruit (berries in particular which include raspberries and blueberries) and pomegranates. Also, by eliminating refined sugar from your diet, you take away one of the most potent thieves of natural collagen. What else does his prescribe? Try a face cream that contains DMAE and alpha lapoic acid. These two ingredients help to not only maintain youthful skin, but can actually reverse damage to help skin especially appear more firm. These products can be found in health food stores and at
Ulta . Try these first before you head to a plastic surgeon. You can save yourself a bundle of money and still look natural.


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