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Friday, November 17, 2006

I've Got A Secret

There is an underground swell that is slowly taking this nation by storm, but it's really no secret . In fact, the bearers of the secret are only too happy to share their knowledge with you....for a price, of course. Everyone wants a piece of the secret, including Larry King , who has featured the men and women of the secret on his show, not once, but twice, with a live audience present. Apparently, the show was so popular the first time around, that Larry decided to do it again last night. I have no problem with the secret, which is basically the simple idea that "mind over matter" is a very real concept that can change your life. All the people who hold the secret are filthy rich and basically, they got that way by taking the money of desperate people looking for a way out of their desperate situations. It's always the most vulnerable people who are desperate enough to want to spend more money trying to save their own lives, when they have the secret already inside of themselves. We are born with the knowledge to be able to choose our own destiny, but some of us lose our way and we need help getting back to it.....for a price. Some of those who claim to be guardians of the secret had desperate lives themselves at one time. Now theyh are rich beyond their wildest dreams because they made their money off of people like you and me, looking for answers. If it were true that it's really that simple, then wouldn't we all be millionaires being loved by one and all? I believe in the power of positive thinking, but the cynic in me just feels that the secret doesn't take into consideration the fact that none of us are perfect. Having a positive outlook on life and surrounding yourself with people who genuinely support and love you for who you are costs nothing to you. You just have to make up your mind to believe in yourself and that shouldn't cost you anything.


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