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Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Few Tips About Tips

Every year around the holidays, many of us are left wondering who to tip and how much. If you are like me, then you are not alone. The topic was brought up recently on Rachel Ray's talk show. Remember Bill from 'The Apprentice'? He came on and gave everyone some ideas on who to tip and how much. The first and most baffling one is your mail carrier. Government workers aren't supposed to accept monetary gifts from postal customers. They can, however, accept gifts worth up to $20. So, if you want to give your mail carrier a gift card, that's fine. What about your daycare provider? Many working moms are probably wondering what to give. Depending on how much time your child or children spend in daycare, it is suggested that you give between $25 and $75 with a small gift from each of your children. The gift can be a small giftcard, scented candle, hand cream, but try to make it personal for them. Of course you will want to tip your hair stylist too. If it will be a monetary gift, then make sure you place it in a card with a personal message. This goes for anyone who you would normally tip with money. The one person you definitely want to tip only with money is your doorman, but again, put the money inside a card with a personal message. For more information about tipping, you can go here .


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