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Thursday, December 28, 2006

How To Look Ten Pounds Slimmer

While you are pondering which diet you will begin January 2nd, 2007 to lose those ten pounds you gained since Thanksgiving, here are some tips to help you look ten pounds slimmer instantly:
1) Buy a wrap dress - These adorable dresses can be found almost everywhere and they are very flattering to most figures, especially those who need to lose a few pounds.
2) Wear V-neck tops - Give your neck a more elegant, elongated look by wearing V-neck tops.
3) Don't wear pleats - Don't wear them in pants, don't wear them in skirts, don't wear them in anything....period.
4) Think monochrome - By wearing all one color, you will give yourself the appearance of a longer, streamlined look.
5) Keep pant legs long - By wearing a longer pant leg (1/2 inch from the floor), you give the appearance of a longer, leaner leg.
6) Wear heels with pants - See number 5 above. By doing both, you will make yourself look taller and thinner.
7) Wear vertical lines - Pin stripes are great to give you a more elongated look.
8) Watch your skirt length - The perfect length for any figure is just below your knee. Try wearing a skirt that has a slight flair at the knee as well.
9) Wear long necklaces - Again, this look elongates the neck and your upper body.
10) Choose clothes that fit well - Stay away from anything that pulls in the wrong places or is too baggy. They will do nothing to make you look better and will zap your self confidence. Clothes that fit well will make you look and feel your best.


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