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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Whitening Teeth Safely

Of all the things a person can do to improve their looks fairly quickly, teeth whitening has to come in at number one. The trend began years ago in a dentist's office and was quite costly and time consuming. To have a dentist safely whiten teeth is still not cheap ($200 to $500)for the traditional whitening methods and up to $1,000 for the latest methods (Zoom Whitening). As a result most people opt for over-the-counter products. Manufacturers have taken advantage of this and there are dozens of products to choose from. So which is the best for you? The bottom line is trial and error. You have to find something you can use that works for you, but most importantly, look for the American Dental Seal on the product. For myself, I had the traditional method of teeth whitening done years ago. This involved having special trays made up with a solution that contained a 20% bleaching solution. I have been able to maintain the whitening effect with over-the-counter products which contain around half that percentage. The most convenient method right now is a combination of whitening mouthwash (Listerine makes this one) and a whitening toothpaste. The trays I have are still useful from time to time for a more potent whitening treatment. The one thing I do know about teeth whitening; it will take years off your face and give you much more confidence.


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At 4/16/2011 2:25 AM, Anonymous Teeth Whitening Doylestown said...

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