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Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Life Less Ordinary

If anyone had written a novel about a woman such as Anna Nicole, no one could ever believe that such a story could have been true....but, sadly, it is. What should have been a wonderful life filled with all the great things that success brings, turned out to be a human tragedy almost from the beginning. I'll spare you the details since you've been bombarded with them since the afternoon her death was announced as breaking news on CNN. If Anna Nicole slipped away thinking that she would fade into oblivion, then she couldn't have been more wrong. What remains after her untimely death, is just more speculation for the masses as to the identity of her baby girl's father, her inheritance from her late husband (if there is ever a final decision) and lastly, who gets possession of her so that she may have a proper burial. She remains controversial even now. It has been said that she so wanted to be just like Marilyn Monroe. I guess in some aspects she achieved that, but Marilyn was laid to rest lovingly by friends and an ex-husband who put flowers on her grave until he died. So, who will put flowers on Anna's grave? Hopefully, someone who loved her for who she really was and not the caricature she became.


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