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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tyra's Tirade

We all know how absolutely beautiful Tyra Banks is. We also know that she, for the most part, has eschewed the need to be rail thin during her entire modeling career. She often spoke about how girls would starve themselves for runway shows, while she simply cut back on what she normally would eat to lose a few pounds. She admits that she wishes she cared about exercise more, but would rather be doing anything else. Since leaving the professional modeling world to be a full-time talk show host and producer and host of her reality show, she admittedly has put on a few pounds. Unfortunately, one tabloid found an unflattering photo of her taken on her recent vacation which makes her appear much heavier than she really is. In her own defense, she has come out on several entertainment news shows and recently did a spread for 'People' magazine, showing her proudly displaying her figure (160 pounds) in a red swimsuit, similar to the one she was photographed wearing in that ugly tabloid. Tyra has always been a champion of women who aren't a size 2, 4 or 6. She gives hope to those that you can succeed, be proud of yourself and still feel sexy no matter what size swimsuit you wear. She is, however, fighting mad about that distorted photo and she will appear wearing that very same suit on her talk show tomorrow (or so it has been reported). I don't think she needs to prove anything to anyone, but if someone is watching and it makes them feel better about themselves by her doing so, then more power to her.


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