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Friday, March 23, 2007

The Complicated Simple Life

Pretty soon the newest season of 'The Simple Life' will premiere on the 'E' Channel. This latest season finds Paris and Nicole as chummy as ever and working as camp counselors (what kind of camp is actually open this time of year I wonder). This, however, is not the juicy gossip from the set. The juice is all about Nicole who has had several near-fainting spells that prompted her to seek treatment at a nearby hospital for dehydration. Apparently, she was quickly released after her fluids were replenished, but the latest news is that she is actually suffering from low blood sugar. This can happen when someone skips meals and/or consumes too much alcohol (both of which can apply with Nicole). She has previously sought treatment for her inability to gain weight (i.e. an eating disorder). Unfortunately, this is a very serious disease that causes death in almost twenty percent of its victims. Nicole and other stars could be wonderful role models for young girls if they would just state the truth and promote the idea that being healthy is much more important than being skinny. The bottom line is though that it's never about food. My hope for her and others who suffer is that they get to the real root of the problem and work towards emotional and physical health once and for all.


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