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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sharing A Hobby Can Be A Very Bonding Experience

A good friend of mine had a mom who was an avid doll collector. She began collecting dolls when my friend was a young girl and she and her mom began to share this precious hobby. Her mother became quite a famous doll collector and was well-known at many of the doll shows she attended over the years. Now that her mom has passed away, my friend has carried on this hobby and continues to meet many wonderful people at all the doll shows she attends and, more importantly, keeps the spirit of her mom alive. Now you can experience the wonder of collectible dolls with your own child by collecting BEGOTH Dolls. These unique collectible dolls are only 7 inches tall, but are painstakingly constructed of highly detailed vinyl. These dolls are uniquely fashioned and include five different dolls whose costumes are meticulously sewn. With collectible dolls there are only a limited number produced and this, of course, makes them more valuable once the series sells out. This could be a fun way of sharing a hobby with a loved one and/or by making new friends from this fun hobby. There's no telling where it will take you so have some fun with it.


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