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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Meaning Of Farce

This past weekend, we rented some movies from Blockbuster. Of course, the pickings were slim, but we did find one movie that I can't remember ever seeing advertised in movie theatres. 'The Farce of the Penguins' is, of course, a take-off of 'March of the Penguins'. The master-mind behind this farce, is comedian, Bob Saget, who probably called everybody in his address book to take part in this farce, which is definitely not for children. Besides Saget, as the main character, Carl, you will hear the voices of Christina Applegate, Tracy Morgan, Lewis Black, Whoopie Goldberg, John Stamos, Dave Coulier, Lori Loughlin and Gilbert Gottfried just to name a few. I know some people may find this movie a bit crass, but frankly, it is great fun if all you really want to do is laugh and there's some great stock footage of real-life penguins as they do their thing. So, if you are looking for your favorite blockbuster, but they're all out, check out 'Farce of the Penguins'.


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