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Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Art Of Self Tanning

With the ever-growing size of the hole in the ozone layer, tanning naturally via the sun is becoming a much less wise thing to do. Only recently research has shown that overall exposure to the sun over a person's lifetime is more likely to lead to skin cancer than a few cases of isolated sunburn. Everyone should be wearing a sunscreen, but for those of us who are fair and need some color, the wisest choice is a self tanner. Now, many self tanning products also have an SPF factor. This is great news for those of us who want to get out in a hurry, but you should still apply your sunscreen after your self tanning product has fully dried. Some other tips found which can be further found in this article on self tanning is that you should never apply a self tanner in a steamy bathroom. Skin should be relatively dry when you apply the product to prevent streaking and a fair amount of time should pass before you apply your sunblock and then get dressed. It could take up to a half an hour for a self tanner to fully dry so take your time when applying it.


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