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Friday, June 08, 2007

The Earning Potential With Higher Education

Recently, I was at a party with some friends. One of my good friends who is a college professor told me that she was back at school to get her PhD. When I asked her how she could find the time to do that as she has a full-time teaching job and two children, she told me she was getting her degree online. She is a graduate of a very prestigious university here in New York and she has been a college professor for quite a few years now. She says she is receiving quality education from her online university and she is looking foward to completing her PhD by this summer. Online learning, especially for higher education has become the primary choice for many busy people. In my own family I have a cousin who also is attending an online university for a masters degree in computer science. The point is that earning a degree through an online university has become very acceptable and desirable for those individuals who have full-time jobs, full-time lives and need absolute flexibity to learn. They also need that higher education to increase their earning potential overall. Those seeking a criminal justice degree can find the program they are looking for at Capella University, one of the most prestigious online unversities around. One of many of Capella's professors is Sara Orem, PhD, who is also a published author. Sara is also the president of her own coaching firm. This is just one example of the quality of Capella which was founded in 1993. The university currently offers eighty-two graduate and undergraduate degrees and sixteen certificate programs. The university serves over 17,000 students from fifty states and fifty-six countries around the world. With online education, there is just no more excuse for not seeking higher education.
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