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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Rosie's Says She's Watching; Who Cares?

Big mouth, Rosie O'Donnell, whose only outlet now is her blog, writes that she will be watching 'The View' to see how new co-host, Whoopie Goldberg, is doing. Who cares? Whoopie Goldberg is no less opinionated, but she has a way of delivering her views, without offending. Even as she defended Michael Vick, she was still her charming self. All the drama queens who tuned in consistently during Rosie's tenure, fueled by her unprovoked attacks on various people, will have to move on. They complain that the new beige set is just a visual backdrop to more ho-hum banter, but I say it's a breath of fresh air to see four grown women discussing things intelligently, rather than ensuing in a bitch-fest that ends up as tabloid fodder. Also noted on
Rosie's blog, is her post that her duet recorded for Barry Manilow's new CD, has been dropped from the set list. She says it was her voice, but I think that the powers that be decided that she would definitely hurt album sales in more ways than one.


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