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Sunday, November 25, 2007

All Good Things Must Come To An End

When the 'Gilmore Girls' ended earlier this year, in its seventh season, you can literally hear the sobbing for miles around, with me being one of the sobbers. Who knows why 'Gilmore Girls' took on such a huge following and will probably always remain a cult television classic. Maybe its because Lorelei Gilmore is the mom we all wanted when we were young girls, or maybe its because as moms, we all want our daughters to be a little more like Rory Gilmore. Whatever the reason, that magic is so addicting, this show will probably be in reruns forever. It currently is airing on the ABC Family Network, but if you don't get that station, don't fret, the seventh season recently came out on DVD and you can also buy the whole series, including every season, in one neat gift box for the holidays. Having watched the whole seventh season, I can tell you that the writers (not the original) did the very best they could to tie up loose ends while staying true to the main characters. Yes, there are a few unanswered questions, but don't all great television series leave most if not all their viewers wondering, at least a little bit? There are groups that are dedicated to, at the very least, having a two hour movie dedicated to answering some of those questions, much like the very popular 'Sex in the City' series. For now though, that is a very doubtful possibility, since Lauren Graham (Lorelei) recently signed a two year contract with NBC to develop a series revolving around her and Scott Patterson (Luke) is currently co-starring in another CW series. Most importantly, Alexis Bledell (Rory) is not keen on recreating her character ever since she began making movies for the big screen. Yes, it's sad, but having the DVDs on hand is a way to always revisit Stars Hollow and all the town folk when ever the spirit so moves fans. Thank God for modern technology to bring us all back to small-town America.


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